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"We booked a lot of meetings, significantly above the target we set. The quality of the meetings was better than expected, because of the messaging you created, attracting people that were really interested in our proposal, better prepared, there was less waste after those meetings.
With 60 meetings we signed 3 new partners – each worth 200 - 600kEUR / year for our business – and 5 more partners are in the pipeline. I'm very happy with the collaboration and am looking forward to continuing."

- Wilfred de Roos - Hovingh & Partners, NL
Topic: Sales & Negotiation Trainings and Coaching
Audience: Midsize & larger businesses globally
Loved the homework we did, really great to actually deep dive into my business, taking time to work on the business instead of in the business all the time, which you kindly forced me to do.

Another breakthrough was the different format for my offer, I can just see how well it works, spoke to 10 people in the past 2 weeks, got great feedback and already have 3 sales plus 2 upsells!

I already saw the long-term gain after the first few sessions. I can see how it really serves my clients, thank you so much, definitely worth it!

Nina Kalmund, High Performance Coach
After not even three months, I already have my return on investment, doubled the money that I invested in the service.

What made the biggest difference as opposed to other lead generation services is that it comes from the heart and that's the reason why you reach the people.

A lot of messages out there are - I would call them "flat".

And that is the big difference because you talk to the people you talk to me, and you really find out what is my message, what is my feeling behind it, and in the message you created, it is in it. And that makes the big difference. Thank you.

- Andreas Tadge (Target: CEO's in the DACH region)
"The PMP process was an eye opener for me, you made me realize how to get started and to focus on people's problems. And I liked that there was someone kicking my ass :) because otherwise, you know, how life goes, a thousand things happen and you never get around to doing the important stuff.

I found out what I really want to bring to market because if you're not 100 % sure, that's the thing that blocks. Getting an outside perspective from an expert was invaluable.
I already signed three clients, during our 30 day process we started a few weeks ago - thank you! "

- Nadja Kropf, Switzerland- Energy specialist
"I had a LinkedIn strategy which was very expensive, and Nathalie came up with a really cost effective strategy, her team reached out to potential buyers and already we have a 44 billion EUR company have a meeting with us and it looks like we're going into a trial stage, so that's like a 1000 : 1 ROI - and there will be more.

Nathalie is very quick with ideas, a very smart lady and don't take her lightly! Nathalie certainly made a difference."

- Dhiren Desa, CEO of Parmenides / Eidos SW
(Target: Large Corporations)
"As a leadership coach I focus on critical team transformations, my target group are medium size companies within Europe. Before starting to work with Nathalie & team I expected to get a system in place to get leads, but found out I had to go back and do my homework first, or in other words: Define what really is my core offering

 - and it resulted in a direct sale! Within 4 weeks, I got back an ROI of 25 x my original investment.

My tip: Work on yourself and try this process out immediatly! "

- Alex Lanz, Netherlands - corporate Leadership Consultant
"Your process helped me create a more compelling story about my work, there was a very proactive marketing campaign, to re-invigorate some old relationships and kick off new relationships as well.

Having the leads to follow up on made things easier for me with my marketing. After 3 months including the 2 summer months I've achieved the 1x ROI and have a couple of orders still in the pipeline which will be a 2 or 3 x ROI. Thank you for your help.."

- Ed West, Corporate Communication Trainer
"It's always important to acquire new clients which is something we have not done so well in the past. It's been an uncomplicated process working with you, very organized approach, and result oriented, I like that.
We approached about 3000 people of our target group and it continously created connections and calls, we had about 50 calls. Of course we had a really good hook for our campaign, which seems to be important.
After 3 months we were able to close 1 corporate deal (with a 6x ROI on our investment in the marketing) and there are many more in the pipeline."

- Romeo Ruh, Partner at Pragmatic Solutions Ltd, Switzerland
(Target: Team Leaders in the manufacturing industry)
"I did a lot of informative workshops, and my knowledge is quite huge, but I realized over time, hey, I need more knowledge in marketing and how to, find my niche, how to make a product based on my knowledge, and how to sell it. And for that I found you guys, and I'm really happy to have found you.

The main reason was not that I don't have enough clients, I have my calendar booked full, but I wanted to have something that is more leveraged rather than having the one on one sessions time against money type of deal.

What I really liked was the structure and that I could do it on my own time. The one-to-one coaching helped me to focus, and not get lost in all kinds of ideas because there's literally hundreds of things that I could be doing in coaching.

And if you want to learn a language, it helps you to go and find a good language teacher, so with marketing it’s the same thing.

I'm just happy. Thank you very much."

- Roland Weber, Switzerland (Target: purposeful individuals)
"I see my mission in helping to create a new form of leadership where we go beyond the cognitive and emotional to the energetic level, where I believe we have up to 70 % of unused potential.

When we first started working together I was a little sceptical about your approach - different from FB ads - but with your help I succesfully filled my classes. Your expertise, your method and the messages you created were the biggest benefit.

You're interested in my success, not only from a financial point of you. Looking forward to continue my cooperation with you."

- Stephan Pfingsten, Germany (Target: Corporate Leaders)
 "Helpful thing to have the team run thru my contacts on Linkedin. The feedback I got was really positive. I now have the luxury problem to have too many requests to answer... and I already brought in other customers and prospects for this service."

- Bernhard Heinzler, CEO of CAPSO Gmbh (Target: Service based Businesses)

"I know the model of my new consulting product Nathalie created works and here’s why:
I was speaking in front of a small group of 12 CEOs last week and started drawing it on my flipchart, every single one was relating to my product, nodding it off.
Got one high end client signed right after the presentation and one into my mastermind – only 8 weeks after I started working with Nathalie, I already made > 10 X ROI on my investment! “

Boutique Business Consultant, US

“You and the team have indeed succeeded in getting a lot of appointments. Most of them are in line with the criteria we agreed on, so we are happy with that.
At the moment I am fully occupied in having these meetings as well as follow up meetings. It is actually difficult for me to manage my other tasks properly, like answering mails and reporting in google sheets ;-)
Great process, high quality leads and we got more than double the amount of appointments we agreed on - thank you, Nathalie & Team!”

- Partner of an international Sales Training
Corporation / Netherlands
(Target: Sales Managers)

“4 prospects worth min of 50 k each in the trial phase after our cold email pilot, quick results and very professional”

Global Salesmanager, large coaching organization Switzerland/US, T
(Target: corporations 1000 10000+ headcount)

“25 attendees in our workshop in the pilot phase, well worth the investment and 1000 x better
than our previous marketing agency”

CEO of a boutique consulting company, Switzerland
(Target: corporations 200 10000+ headcount)

“59 warm leads after 1 month of cold email
campaigns, great copy, hook and angle
- highly recommendable."

Female Leadership Expert, France
(Target: Female Leaders)

"After 6 days of the Active Sourcing System I got 160 new leads, out of which 9 people wanting more: 6 calls/appointments and 3 asked for information. I'm very happy with the result and highly recommend it"

-Marcel Bischoff, Switzerland
(Target: Executives, retreats)
"Went from Greenhorn in Sales to selling over 10'000 Swiss Francs to 2 clients after my 3rd pitch - it was shocking, really. I said to myself: "F... this PMP works! Just do what Nathalie tells you to do."

- Cla Mosca, Switzerland - Corporate Team Building Trainer 
"I was struggling to find the right angle for my business, knew I wanted to do something for leadership but I was not clear and not able to sharpen this message.
During the process a bunch of fluffy ideas suddenly became a systematic approach which is attractive for left and right brain people. It made a huge difference because I was very clear to develop my whole funnel up to the highend product.
The first 5 calls I did with potential customers were really successful: 4 out of the 5 are happy to start with me! It was a completely different sales experience, it is suddenly really easy to sell it."

- Ulrike Seminati, France - Female Empowerement Mentor
"I was hesitant at first because I was already in another program for my Coaching Business. I decided to sign up because the promise was clarity, focus and clients. After 45 days I have an ROI of 7 - 14 x my initial investment - defintly got what I came for!"

- Joe Anderson Rau, Germany - Business Consultant for digital Agencies
"I had a prospect who declined my offer and I told him about this new product Nathalie developed and he said: Wow, that's what I need! So I got to a very nice offering for a team and sold my new product directly a few hours after I got it.
Then tested it with my business partner, she loved the concept, the simplicity of the approach, you can memorize the things easily. It makes a lot of sense the way the components are articulated."

- Guy Anastaze, France - B2B Sales Mentor 

Vishal Chaudhari, India - Business Consultant
"pipeline filled, 1 corporate client worth 50 k$!"
"The truth is the system works. 13 % sales conversion  and my biggest lesson is the importance of following a proven system. 

Just follow the process of Nathalie. You get huge added value, very recomendable."

- Raul Ladrero, Germany - Investor & Real Estate Coach 
"going for my first million now!"

- Mark Harvey, UK - Real Estate Investor and Trainer - No 2 - 1 yr later
"almost doubled my income within 3 months, got rid of my Little Voice and bought myself a new Tesla"

- Ken Kurtzweg, Germany | corporate Innovation coach
"implemented your sales & social media strategy and got a client straight away!"

- Roberto Maugheri, Switzerland - Business Consultant
"I was surprised in a positive way - teaching in the form of fun, games - the stuff Nathalie teaches just works. Managed to have 5 events, together have 50 tickets sold, that's a massive ramp-up of my customer base.
You can do this for any industry, just trust Nathalie. She has put up a step-by-step system - everything builds on top of one another. You will be surprised about the results! I'm done with the customer acquisition for the year!"

- Anja Blodow, Germany 
international Speaker & Immo Queen

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